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Dear Virginia,

I think I love you already and we haven't even met.  I know this internet dating thing is frequently frowned upon, but I can't help myself.  You seem to be everything I'm looking for:


I even love your foresty green color.  And I don't mind that one right front fender that's a slightly different foresty green color, it just adds character.  I'm so glad your only and original owner is willing to part with you.  I like that all your records are kept in one place, and that she even had the timing belt changed recently.  Clearly she cares for you as much as I already do.

I love your turbo-diesel engine.  I'm absolutely thrilled that you get 45mpg and I really hope we can stretch that to 50mpg on our first drive home together.  Not only am I excited about driving home from Richmond VA on a single tank of fuel, but doing so means I can put nice, winterized, diesel into the tank when we get to cold, frozen VT.

But don't worry!  Spring is coming soon, and when it warms up well go for beautiful, country drives with the moon roof open.  I can't wait.  And then when the next winter rolls around we'll get you studded tap shoes to wear.  I'm even planning on a shiny wax undercoat to keep your delicate southern self rust-free.  I can't wait, you and I Virginia, we'll go places together.  See you next weekend!




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Mar. 13th, 2010 09:20 pm (UTC)
She sounds lovely!

Also, I really like green cars.

And moon roofs.
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