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Mail list!

I'm starting up a mail list for my designs! I won't be spammy, I promise. Sign up for this list if you want to know when a design comes out, or when a club design becomes available to the public.

Or - for instance - if there's a one day sale on a pattern that you don't want to miss (like what happened on monday, for example) I'll occasionally be offering discounts just for mailing list members too!

If I haven't got anything new for an entire month I hope to also feature finished objects from my designs by other knitters. But I promise, it'll all be design related!

Interested? Sign up here!

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Root Cellar sale

Have you been following the 30 Days project I mentioned back at the start of the month? Well today is my day! I'm happy to offer Root Cellar at 50% off - but for today only!

root cellar 1

Just use the coupon code "30dayproject" (no quotes) during checkout and the discount will be applied to your purchase!

vest buttoned

Why Root Cellar? Well I love this classic vest (in fact, I've loved my sample almost to pieces...) It has my signature waist and bust shaping, and it makes use of two very different yarns that complement each other well. The colors I've chosen are rustic and autumnal but it works equally well in many other colors (as you can see from the Ravelry projects page)

shoulders and collar

Also, be sure to follow along at The Loop to see the other exciting designers that are playing along this month!

This post is originally from BeckyinVT. Feel free to comment and follow here or there.


Woah, lost another week there didn't I? Anyway, we have a winner from the Hitch giveaway!

random number 13

Fibercamp, I have e-mailed you!

In the mean time, I have another design sneak peak for you. Not the socks, but something else...


I need more computer time. The baby naps pretty well when I bounce on the exercise ball. So I'm getting pretty good at typing and bouncing simultaneously...

This post is originally from BeckyinVT. Feel free to comment and follow here or there.

Hitch blog tour!

Right, knitting, where were we? Oh yes! The Hitch book blog tour! Have you checked out all the designs in the Hitch book yet? All the designers in this collection did a great job channeling the fashions of the era into designs that you want to knit right now.

Hitch book cover

I love them all. But my favorites (well, besides my own) right now are the Alicia tam and mitts. I love the colorwork and mid century styling all tied into the theme of the book (reds, blacks, suspense!)

Alicia tam and mitts
© Nick Murway

And yes, I love the Hitchcock theme - even if I'm not a huge fan of suspenseful movies. It's probably because I can channel the costume design class I took back in college. But I love the construction of these garments and how they channel the artistry, the costuming, the acting, the MOOD of the Hitchcock movies. And yes! It's possible for me to research and learn all those feelings without having to sit down and scare myself silly by watching the Hitchcock movies (I'm sleep deprived enough with a newborn as it is)

So, which is your favorite design? Leave a comment (on my main blog please, keep things simple for my sleep-deprived brain) telling me which, and why! Next wednesday (11/13 noon EST) I'll choose one comment randomly to win a digital copy of Hitch!

And make sure to check out the rest of the Hitch book blog tour:
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One month

No one warned me (or I didn't listen) but babies are mostly sleepy in the first two weeks. It's the few weeks after that where things get tricky (and sleep-deprived). But now that I'm in the thick of it everyone says wait until 6 or 8 weeks. Things get better again.

one month yawn

In the mean time. I'm just glad we've made it to one month! Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go nap on the couch. Or at least try.

one month fiber baby

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30 Days

Welcome to November! Have you heard of the 30 Days project yet? Let me tell you! The Loop (a LYS down in Massachusetts) is organizing this project between indie designers and YOU. For the next month they'll be featuring another designer every day. Each designer will be offering a pattern 50% off for just that day.

One day this month will be my turn, but in the mean time check out the 30 Days hath November project over on The Loop blog and at the Fringe Association.

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autumn moxy


This post is originally from BeckyinVT. Feel free to comment and follow here or there.


Roasted Stuffed Squash

This isn't exactly a recipe, more of a set of guidelines. But still, this is a perfect meal for late fall, early winter, or whatever the seasons are doing where you are*.


sliced tomatoes

So the idea here is that you mix up some flavors you like, then stuff them in the squash and roast it. What you're aiming for is a protein (preferably something flavorful) a grain/starch, and some flavorings. My squash contained sausage, quinoa, apple, garlic, savory, thyme, salt and pepper.

Start by cooking the meat and the grains (or use leftovers, that's always a good plain) I cooked the sausage and garlic together, then added the quinoa and water to that pan so it'd absorb the sausage flavors. Add the apple close to the end so it doesn't disintegrate into applesauce (unless that's what you want...)

While that's cooking hollow out the squashes. I like delicata as they make great boats for holding the stuffing. They only need about 30-45 minutes in the oven which is also about perfect for roasting the stuffing.

stuffed squash

Once the stuffing is done scoop it into the boats. I laid the tomato on top so it'd roast prettily. Slide the whole pan into the oven and roast until your squashes are tender (like I alluded to above, the length will depend on the type of squash.)

stuffed squashes

Drizzle some maple syrup over the whole thing, add some butter, and enjoy!

*It may be the end of october, but we've got a high of about 38F today and it smells like snow. Which makes me feel like it must be just about thanksgiving time...

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Magic wool

I've talked before about how magical wool is, how it keeps you warm even when it's wet (for example). But now I have a new proof that wool is magic, and it revolves around baby's bum.

I'm going to talk about wool diaper covers. They're magic. I read about them before Windsor arrived and the whole principle sounded like magic. But since I know wool, and it is kinda magical, I figured I'd give these things a shot.

lanolin droplet

The idea is this: wool diaper covers go over cotton diapers. They keep the pee in, keep the onesie dry, and still don't need to be washed nearly as often as the diapers. The wool is part of the magic, but extra lanolin added to the fabric is key to the water beading up like you see above. I'm lanolizing my diaper covers just exactly as described at Green Mountain Diaper.

lanolinize washing

So the wool has to be NON machine washable (have you seen my stash? That's the easy part) It gets washed just like you'd wash any handknit. Then I leave it in the room temp water.


Meanwhile I melt a little lanolin in hot water, and add just a drop of dishsoap to emulsify the oils. This gets dumped into the sink and the wool soaks up the extra lanolin.

lanolinized cover

The result? Soft wool covers that keep the pee in. The diaper can be soaked, but the wool still feels dry to the touch. I can put it right back on the baby. They're clean enough so long as I can sniff and it smells clean and woolly. Yup, welcome to motherhood, I'm checking peed on covers by holding them to my face... But it's ok, because wool is still magical.

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Life continues on at the slow pace that a newborn requires. I'm spending a lot of time on the couch. But I have also discovered that I CAN KNIT with a napping newborn in my lap. Good news.

tiny blue sweater

It's slower knitting, just like the rest of life is slower. But that's good.

Well, I'm trying to remind myself that it's good. Some days I can't imagine why I'd want to move any faster. But you all know me, I tend to keep busy... And sometimes the slower pace of these days feels confining.

But I'm adjusting, and learning, and overall very happy with my days.

Also, I have a new pattern that'll be coming out soon, so that's always exciting! This one has been in the works for months, been pushed back more than a few times, and so I'll be really glad to set it free into the world. Not yet, but soon. You'll all have to learn a little patience, just like me.

frost aster sneak

This post is originally from BeckyinVT. Feel free to comment and follow here or there.


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