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I'm releasing another free pattern, meet Creemee:

A one-row, reversible, garter rib scarf with blocks of color perfect for showing off special hand spun fibers. The blocks of color allow you to use as much or as little handspun as they want. Commercial yarns can be chosen for the other blocks. The scarf pattern itself is quite simple however I've included several tips for minimizing leftover singles during spinning and for minimizing leftover scraps of yarn while knitting are included.

The PDF for this pattern is available for download now. Once again this is made possible by the wonderful folks over at Ravelry, but you don't have to be a member to download!

I got some soft, naturally chocolate colored merino at a farmers’ market last summer. It was so luscious I bought it all on the spot without thinking. When I got it home I realized that “all” was a little less then 3 ounces. Not wanting to spin up another single skein that would not be enough for a knitting project I decided I needed to find a way to stretch the fiber further.
Enter the white merino I always have on hand for dying projects. The two undyed fibers complimented each other so nicely I decided to try combining them. As I was plying my first two singles together – one white and one brown – it reminded me of a creemee slowly twisting out of the machine. Once I had all my yarn plyed I designed a simple, cozy scarf to show off the texture and variations of the three handspun yarns – chocolate, vanilla, and twist.
Another great benefit of this scarf is that if you only have a little handspun, and you don’t want to spin up yards and yards of plain white, you can buy commercial solid and marled yarns to complement without worrying too much about matching anything exactly.
And remember, just because it's called Creemee this scarf is not food.
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