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The pattern for my Asters hat is now available!


Asters is a hat using two stitch patterns make to make a dense fabric to keep out the cold and give the fabric structure.
This hat was inspired by the name of the fiber I picked up at a local coop – September Pastures. That name plus the greens, yellows, and purples in the fiber instantly made me think of aster plants and how to represent plants in a stitch pattern. The two different slip stitch patterns show off the colors and textures of handspun yarn and the quilted motif provides a background to the stylized plants. This bucket hat has straight sides and a flat top and it’s tall and fitted to cover your ears in winter.


The stitch pattern is written out and available charted in this pattern.  There are, in fact, charts for each size.  I'm encouraging people to only print out the chart for the size they're making (or don't print them at all if you prefer the line-by-line directions!)  I'm also quite proud of the shape of this hat, it's straight sided and deep, with a nice, flat spiral on the top.


It's a nice unisex pattern too.  How do I know?  Because Neil has stolen the original from me and wears it every day!

This pattern is available for $4. As with my other patterns just click the button below and you'll be taken through to Paypal. I can't say enough how easy Ravelry makes this for me, and for you - even if you're not a Ravelry user!

Due to the uniqueness of the slipped stitch patterns I'm providing a tutorial for them.  The quilted X's aren't completely unique, they can be seen in a few other patterns.  However I did make up the asters pattern on my own.  I'm not going to claim it's original, in a craft as old as knitting how much is truly original?  But I haven't seen them in any stitch dictionaries either! 

See the full entry for the photo tutorial on the slipped stitches used in this hat!
The asters pattern starts with some YO6 and YO5's:

And on the second row you let all those YO's unravel to create big floppy loops, these extended stitches need to be slipped without twisting while you knit the stitches between them:

As the rows build up behind the extended stitches they'll start looking less messy:

And finally you'll get to the row where you need to move one right and one left.  To move the first one right you slip two stitches, drop the extended stitch:
and slip the two stitches back before picking the extended stitch up again.  To move the third one left simply drop it and knit the next two stitches:
before picking it up again.

When you're directed to twist the strands you'll slip them either as if to knit, or as if to knit through the back loop.  My demo yarn is knitpicks WotA and because of the way it is spun I slipped as if to knit.  If you're using a commercial yarn this is probably the way to go:


The quilted pattern involves two steps, combined on eight different rows to give a pattern that looks like X's.  You'll need to slip either 3 or 5 stitches with the working yarn in front:

Which will look like this at the end of the row:

And then you'll need to insert the left needle under that strand:

and knit the next stitch to catch the strand behind the knitted fabric:

When you're done you should have little stylized aster plants on a background of quilted stitches: